Join the 25,000+ students in Malaysia who are actively using E-Tuition to help them bring out their best to achieve academic excellence and make their parents and teachers super proud of them!

What Exactly Is The Difference Between Traditional Learning And E-Tuition?

Instead of having all their reference and exercise books scattered all over the place…

E-TUITION brings all your child’s learning needs under one roof.


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Not Sure How E-Tuition Works For Your Child?

It’s a simple mechanism in your child’s brain that allows their brain to

FOCUS on what they want.
When their FOCUS is shifted from MOBILE GAMES ADDICTION to the…
AMAZING features on E-Tuition
  • Their Reticular Activating System kicks in and starts ignoring everything else and helps them to start FOCUSING on their studies.
  • E-Tuition’s focus is on making learning visual and contextual, rather than just theoretical.
  • Once your child experience how fun and engaging learning can be, they start learning on their own


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